What to Expect: Agreement Routing

Agreement Routing

TAD automatically routes the MTA to the appropriate parties for approval and signature. Below is the general steps an MTA takes through the system:

  1. REQUEST MATERIAL: The recipient party requests a material from the provider organization.
  2. INITIATE MTA: To initiate a material transfer, a TAD user enters information about the recipient, provider, and material in the agreement form. Any TAD user can complete the agreement form, but only authorized individuals can approve and sign MTAs.
  3. CREATE DOCUMENT: The form is routed to the appropriate provider reviewer, an individual who is authorized to prepare the agreement document. Based on the material being transferred, the reviewer selects the correct MTA template. TAD automatically generates an agreement document based on the selected MTA template.
  4. NEGOTIATE LANGUAGE: TAD then routes the document to the recipient reviewer. The recipient reviewer can either accept the document or request modifications. If modifications are requested, TAD routes the document between reviewers until they approve all modifications.
  5. SIGN AGREEMENT: Upon approval, TAD routes the document to the appropriate people for signatures. The required signatures will differ depending on the MTA type.
  6. LOCK AGREEMENT: Once all parties sign the agreement, TAD generates a PDF version of the document so that users cannot make additional edits

Agreement Status and Notifications

  • Users can check on the status of their agreement anytime by logging into TAD and viewing their personalized dashboard.
  • TAD sends users automated email alerts whenever they need to perform an action (e.g. sign an agreement) and notifies them when the final agreement document has been executed.

Access to Agreements

Access to agreements is restricted based on a user's organizational affiliation and role in the material transfer process. The only users who will be able to view and edit an agreement are:

  • Scientists and Signatories identified in the agreement
  • Transfer Coordinators and Program Executives affiliated with the provider or recipient organization