Login Instructions

After you request a user account, you will receive a confirmation email to notify you that your account is ready. Once your registration is complete, use the instructions below to login to TAD: 

User Name: Password:
NIH Users Enter NIH\[Username] Enter NIH Network Password
Non-NIH Users Enter NIHEXT\[Username]
(HINT: Your username is the name that appears before the @ symbol in your university or organization email address.)​

Enter Your TAD Password
(See instructions below for updating your temporary password)


Password Assistance (Non-NIH Users) 

Temporary Password

In your account confirmation email, you will receive a temporary password. Temporary passwords MUST BE UPDATED WITHIN 30 days of account activation! 

Update/Change or Forgot Your Password

To change your password, visit: http://iforgotmypassword.nih.gov  
1. Domain: select NIHEXT
2. User ID: enter your UserName as explained in the chart above
3. Click:  I Agree
4. Follow the on-Screen instructions to register your account and update your password

Account Locked

If your account is locked, you can unlock it by visiting http://iforgotmypassword.nih.gov and following the same instructions listed above. 



TAD Support Team

If you need additional assistance logging into TAD, please reach out to the TAD Support Team by emailing NIHTADSupport@mail.nih.gov
Please provide the following:

    • A description of your problem, including the steps that led to the issue
    • A copy of the error message you are receiving
    • A screen-shot depicting the issue (if possible)