Getting Started: Register an Organization

The registration process for TAD is quick and easy! Just remember that organizations must register first before individual users.

Who can register an organization? The person who completes the registration process should be an individual with the authority to register on behalf of his organization. This person is often the head of the organization's Technology Transfer Office, Officer of Sponsored Research, or the Office of Contracts. Your organization may use whomever you feel is appropriate.

The registration steps are outlined below. Please contact for further assistance.

Steps for Organization Registration:

  1. Download, Sign and Scan the applicable form

    External (Non-NIH) Organizations This form includes the optional E-Signature approval - you do NOT need to also submit the Electronic Signature Agreement.
    NIH ICs? Electronic Signature Agreement (Optional)? If your IC does not wish to participate in E-Signature, you may complete the registration request without submitting this document.

    For more information on Electronic Signature, visit the E-Signature FAQ page.
  2. Select a Registration Authority
  3. Each organization must select a Registration Authority (RA) when completing the Request Form. The RA is responsible for reviewing new TAD user requests for his organization. The RA can be any employee who is knowledgeable of the research/material transfer community. When new users request an account, this individual will need to:
    • Confirm that the new user should have access to the site.
    • Verify that the new user requested the appropriate TAD roles.

    Additional details can be found on the TAD Registration Authority Flyer.pdf.

  4. Complete the Organization Request Form